Module 1: Lesson 2

Atoms and Molecules

Lesson 2.1

Lecture: Atomic Structure

Lesson 2.2

Lecture: Examples of Isotopes

Lesson 2.3

Lecture: Mass Spectrometer

Lesson 2.4

Lecture: Relative atomic and Molecular Mass

ChemQuiz: Oxygen Isotopes

Lesson 2.5

Lecture: Hydrocarbon Combustion

ChemQuiz: Hydrocarbon Combustion

Lesson 2.6

Lecture: Empirical and Molecular Formula

Demo: Phosphorous Oxide

ChemQuiz: Phosphorous Oxide

ChemQuiz: Phosphorous Product

Lesson 2.7

Nuts and Bolts: Empirical Formula

Lesson 2.8

Nuts and Bolts: Isotopes