Module 8: Lesson 23

Thermo: Second Law Entropy

Lesson 23.1

Lecture: Statistical Entropy 1

Lecture: Statistical Entropy 2

ChemQuiz: Objects in Boxes

ChemQuiz: Entropy and W

Lesson 23.2

Lecture: Thermodynamic Entropy

ChemQuiz: Entropy and Compression

Lesson 23.3

Lecture: Statistical vs Thermodynamic Entropy

Lesson 23.4

Lecture: Phase Transition

ChemQuiz: Entropy; H2O Vaporization

Lesson 23.5

Lecture: Standard Molar Entropy

Lesson 23.6

Nuts and Bolts: Entropy of Condensation
NOTE: There is a slight mistake in this segment: Freezing is EXOthermic, not endothermic
as I say (by mistake) and the enthalpy of freezing should be negative.

Lesson 23.7

Nuts and Bolts: dS of Hydrolysis