Module 8: Lesson 24

Thermo: Free Energy

Lesson 24.1

Lecture: Triple Point of Water

Lecture: Tracking Energy

Lesson 24.2

Lecture: Gibbs Free Energy

Lecture: Free Energy Space

ChemQuiz: N2O4 Formation

ChemQuiz: When Does Water Boil?

ChemQuiz: Free Energy of Boiling

Lesson 24.3

Lecture: Thermodynamic Parameters

Lesson 24.4

Lecture: Free Energy and Reactions

Demo: K in H2O

Demo: Peroxide Decomposition

Demo: AlBr3

Demo: Mg in CO2

ChemQuiz: Limestone Foundation

Lesson 24.5

Nuts and Bolts: Atomization of H2

Lesson 24.6

Nuts and Bolts: Sugar Metabolism